Fruit and vegetable products of Uzbekistan are occupying the UAE market

​​​​​​​At the General consulate of Uzbekistan in Dubai a roundtable was conducted on theme “Encouraging the exportation of fruits from Uzbekistan to the United Arab Emirates”, reported “Dunyo” information agency.

23:10 07 July 2020
Uzbekistan has achieved observer status at the International olive growers council

The 111th plenary session of the International olive growers council (IOC) which was chaired by Georgia, hold on as a videoconference. 

19:00 06 July 2020
“Buxorcha” song and dance ensemble was recognized at the “World Folk Vision 2020” international festival

“Buxorcha” song and dance ensemble of the Bukhara regional branch of the state philharmonic of Uzbekistan took 4th place at the world online festival of national culture and arts “World Folk Vision 2020”. 

19:05 05 July 2020
Saudi Arabia is preparing to open in part the Umrah visit

Agency on works of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is preparing a plan to open partly Masjid al-Haram.

19:25 04 July 2020
Leguminous plants grown in Uzbekistan are being exported to the markets of the Benelux countries

​​​​​​​The local “Global Export Company” has set up direct exports of leguminous plants to major distribution companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.  It was reported by “Dunya” Information agency.

13:55 03 July 2020
Uzbekistan has exported more than 190 tons of water-melon in May

According to the state of June 1, 190.5 tons of water-melon products worth 121.1 thousand US dollars were exported this year.

18:18 25 June 2020
Information on the state loan of Uzbekistan was informed

As a condition of April 1, 2020, the remains of debts attracted on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and under the state guarantee, according to preliminary accounts, amounted to 18.2 billion USD equivalents or with the...

00:52 24 June 2020
Prospects of e-commerce in Uzbekistan

On June 13 this year, an online forum entitled “E-commerce prospects in Uzbekistan” was held at the Youth Press Club in cooperation with the Youth is Our Future Foundation under the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, The Alibaba Group and China...

11:23 15 June 2020
An electric railway will be established along the Fergana valley

​​​​​​​From September this year, movement of an electric train which connects regions of valley will be launched. 

11:20 13 June 2020
Eight pilgrimage places in Samarkand are opening anew

​​​​​​​Currently, at the entrances and exits in order to ensure the operation of ancient sites pyrometers, antiseptics and disinfectant “beds” are being installed in strict compliance according to the rules of quarantine.

22:51 12 June 2020
Medical masks have been exported to Kuwait that is worth $450 000

According to the report of “Dunyo” information agency, for the first time Uzbek textile products – 2 million 2 thousand medical masks which cost of 450 000 $ dollar were exported to Kuwait. 

23:17 11 June 2020
In Uzbekistan trading of “Volkswagen Caddy” cars are planned to start from July

“Uzavtosanoat” JSC and “Volkswagen Group Rus” concern has signed an Agreement about co-operation in organizing the production of light commercial vehicles on the basis of “Jizzakh Automobile Plant” LLC in March this year.

19:29 10 June 2020
New requirements concerning services in the field of tourism will be introduced

​​​​​​​In our country supplying international safety standards in the field of tourism and its objects, to improve the provision of high quality services have planned.

22:39 29 May 2020
Products which accelerate the aging process have been notified

​​​​​​​As a report of “La Vanguardia” edition, researchers at the University of Navarra in Spain have reported about products that cause aging.

22:26 29 May 2020
Secondary special Islamic educational institution named after “Imam Termizi” has been established in Surkhandarya

This madrasah was established in accordance with execution of the instructions given by the President of Uzbekistan during his visit to Surkhandarya region on October 17-18, 2019.

21:47 29 May 2020
Welcome to Khiva

Хива – 2500 йиллик тарихга эга музей шаҳaр. Хива шаҳридаги Ичан қалъа меъморий мажмуаси Mарказий Осиёнинг йирик ва ноёб меъморий ёдгорлиги бўлиб, 1990 йилда ЮНЕСКО рўйхатига киритилган ва давлат муҳофазасига олинган.

20:26 28 May 2020
More than thousand accommodations burned in Delhi

In Tuglakabad district, southeast of Delhi, on Tuesday night more than a thousand home burned, according to preliminary reports, there are no casualties, “Zee News” reported.

00:20 28 May 2020
The French football player sold his gold medal which he has won at the World Cup

One of the members of French national team, who won the 2018 World Cup in Russia sold golden medal at auction for 65 000 euros.

00:12 28 May 2020
The President: Relieving of quarantine measures is realized wrong as “the disease is over”

Shavkat Mirziyoyev mentioned about the measures being done in our country against the coronavirus pandemic at the video conference.

23:30 27 May 2020
The only enterprise that produces paper from stone in the Commonwealth of Independent States will be established in Fergana

The embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Beijing organized a video conference with the participation of the Chinese company “Henan GX-Mach environmental technologies Co.LTD” and its partners in Uzbekistan.  This was reported by information agency “Dunyo”.

23:20 27 May 2020

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