An Uzbek pupil became a student of 20 foreign universities on the first attempt

A graduator of the secondary school №15 in Bukhara region, Fazliddin Ismatov became a student of several foreign universities on his first attempt.

23:48 12 August 2020
Uzbek scientist woman was awarded with Kirgiz medal “Turan Birimdigi”

Head of the humanitarian sciences department of the Tashkent state institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers (TSIIAME), Doctor of historical sciences, professor Shohistakhon Uljayeva was awarded with the medal “Turan Birimdigi” by the Kyrgyz branch of the Union of...

17:30 11 August 2020
Uzbekistan will host to the Asian Youth Games in 2025

The Government Resolution “On measures preparing to hold the Summer Asian Youth Games – IV in Uzbekistan in 2025” (№ 468, 07.08.2020) was adopted.  This was informed by the channel “Huquqiy axborot”.

21:50 10 August 2020
Some airports in Uzbekistan can be transferred to the partnership as a basis of “package principle”

Some airports in Uzbekistan can be transferred as a basis of “package principle”.

17:30 09 August 2020
Since the beginning of the year cost of lemon has increased by nearly 152% in Uzbekistan

​​​​​​​As the State statistics committee reports, since the beginning of the year price of lemon has increased by nearly 152% in Uzbekistan. There are subsidies for the cultivation of lemons have organized in our country.

01:27 08 August 2020
19 tons of pumpkins were exported to Russia from Kashkadarya

At present exporting productions is afloat in Kashkadarya oasis. Until today more than twenty types of products such as watermelons, melons, tomatoes, beets, and peaches have been exported, also the export of pumpkins were started recently.

13:55 07 August 2020
Gold–currency reserves of Uzbekistan increased from 32 billion dollars

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan informed that the volume of official reserve assets of Uzbekistan amounts 32.3 billion US dollars. Gold and foreign currency reserves have grown by nearly 11% since the beginning of 2020 and will last financing the...

13:25 31 July 2020
How much the Uzbeks’ average salary?

​​​​​​​In January-June of 2020, nominal accounted the average monthly earnings of employees that work at the enterprises and organizations with the status of a legal entity in Uzbekistan amounted to 2.5 million sums, an increase of 21.6% comparatively the appropriate...

10:15 30 July 2020
It is informed how much the population grows of Uzbekistan has increased during 6 months

As of July 1, 2020, the population of Uzbekistan is 34 million.  191.7 thousand people, an increase of 286.5 thousand people since the beginning of the year.

10:05 29 July 2020
Exporting of medicines from Uzbekistan to abroad has been suspended until October 1

The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to regulate the circulation of drugs, medical devices and equipment during the coronavirus pandemic” was adopted.

13:15 24 July 2020
“It may increases the risk of death” – hydroxychloroquine has been removed from the treatment protocol in Uzbekistan

​​​​​​​On the TV show “Tez yordam”, Klara Yodgorova, a representative of the National Chamber of Innovative Health, spoke about the harm of the drug hydroxychloroquine: “At the beginning of the pandemic period there was no exact drug to treat coronavirus....

10:05 24 July 2020
The volume of international money transfer to Uzbekistan decreased by 6%

The volume of international money transfer to the country amounted 2.4 billion US dollar, and it means as the same period of the last year decreased by 156 mln. US dollar or 6 percent.  This was informed by the Central...

22:34 20 July 2020
Exporting of pharmaceutical products from Uzbekistan and by physical people were suspended

Exporting of pharmaceutical products from the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as carry by individuals were suspended.

18:05 19 July 2020
Isroil Madrimov’s next fight became obvious, but the rival...

Winner of the Asian games and the Asian boxing championship, Uzbek talented boxer Isroil Madrimov, who is moving forward undefeated in professional boxing, will hold his next fight in the United States in the upcoming days.

19:50 18 July 2020
The Indian company may initiate to produce car discs and lighting equipment in Uzbekistan

​​​​​​​The embassy of Uzbekistan in India held recently discussions by videoconference with Nirmal Minda, who is chairman and managing director of “UNO MINDA”.  This was reported by press service of the embassy.

19:10 14 July 2020
New textbook for foreigners to learn our native language – “O’zbekona”

Today developing prestige of the state language and efforts to raise it on the world stage requires, teaching Uzbek language not just as a mother tongue, but also as a foreign language, is one of the most important issues.

17:55 13 July 2020
Uzbekistan has assigned 1.7 trillion sums to fight against spreading of coronavirus infection

​​​​​​​The nationwide movement “Yuksalish” has shown the funds assigned for the fight against spreading of coronavirus infection as a form of infographics.  According to this, 1.7 trillion sums have been assigned for these measures.  What in view will be the...

17:30 11 July 2020
GTAI: Uzbekistan is the only country in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia that is achieving the financial grow

​​​​​​​German internet edition “Industrielle Automation” published an article by Marie-Kristin Krueger, editor of the publication, entitled “Turning in energy policy during the coronavirus pandemic period”, reported “Dunya” information agency.

10:05 10 July 2020
In Uzbekistan for the first time obtaining pure palladium was achieved.  It values 67 dollars per gram

​​​​​​​With the initiative and scientific researches of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, for the first time it was possible to obtain high-purity 99.00% pure palladium powder in Uzbekistan.  This was reported by the information service of the AMMC.

14:15 09 July 2020
Attitudes on the increasing construction of the “China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan” railway was discussed

This year, on July 1, minister of transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan Elyor Ganiev and minister of transport of the Kyrgyz Republic Janat Beishenov had a telephone conversation.  This was reported by the press service of the ministry.

23:51 08 July 2020

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