Coronavirus in Uzbekistan: What kind of preventive measures will be done against to spread of virus?

As the Agency of sanitary and epidemiologic tranquility in Uzbekistan reports, the first case of coronavirus is identified in Tashkent. The patient has been in France and after returning it’s clarified that she was deceased with coronavirus. On March 15...

15:49 16 March 2020
Uzbekistan has always been a reliable friend during hard times

At first, we congratulate the government of Uzbekistan, the kind and friendly Uzbek people on the upcoming national holiday Navruz. We should mention, that life is full of joyful and sorrowful days. The worldwide spread of coronavirus is also a...

15:35 16 March 2020
Drugs worth 2.4 billion sums were seized on time

Custom organs are systematically fighting the illegal trade of unguaranteed products.

10:49 13 March 2020
A well-known football player has been diagnosed with coronavirus

Defender of the Italian football club “Juventus” Daniel Ruga has been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is reported on the official website of the football team.

10:45 13 March 2020
Seven Uzbek boxers will go to Tokyo 2020 tournaments

The Tokyo 2020 Tournament for Boxing Asia / Oceania has ended in Amman city, Jordan. On the last day of the tournament, one of the leaders of our national team Bakhodir Jalolov (+91 kg) took part in the last fight...

10:44 13 March 2020
The Uzbek coal was exported to Pakistan

About 300 tonnes of coal products were dispatched to Pakistan by “Shargunkumir” joint-stock company and “Boysunkumir” limited liability company. This was announced by the general director of JSC “Shargunkumir” Hamza Abdullaev.

14:58 06 March 2020
Ministry of health: Reports on social media that about coronavirus infection spread in Uzbekistan are false

Nowadays unsound reports on social networks are spreading that about coronavirus infection has reached to our country. These reports are absolutely false, so far, no coronavirus cases have been clarified in our country.

14:56 06 March 2020
Olympic games would be held without fans

Olympics in Tokyo which will be held on summer is being expected without bystanders.

14:54 06 March 2020
A significant international conference is being held in Samarkand

A major international conference on the theme “Imam Abu Mansur Motouridi and Moturidia doctrine: past and present” is being held at the Palace of forums in Samarkand.

15:15 02 March 2020
The initial condition of coronavirus infection was reported in Lithuania

Lithuania has reported the first condition of coronavirus infection. It is announced by the РИА “Новости” with reference of the Ministry of health of country.

16:28 29 February 2020
Academy of arts of Uzbekistan: “Talented specialists who havenʼt a higher education will be able to teach at institutes”

At the Information and mass communication agency a press conference with the officials of the Academy of arts was held on theme “Issues in art education and future tasks”.

16:23 29 February 2020
Jackie Chan may have been infected with coronavirus

Famous Hong Kong-born Hollywood actor Jackie Chan was hospitalized on suspicion of coronavirus, this was reported by Eurosport.

19:13 27 February 2020
How has volunteering arisen?

As you know, according to the law that on volunteer activities signed by President last year, regulated relations in the organization and implementation of volunteer activities. So, how far is the implementation of this document and what works are being...

19:04 27 February 2020
Official report: umrah visa suspended because of coronavirus

As the press service of the Committee on religious affairs announces, The Ministry of hajj and umrah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia temporarily suspended the issuance of umrah visas for all countries of the world.

18:22 27 February 2020
What does mean the inscription on Chorminor foundation?

As you know, Chorminor architectural monument is situated in Bukhara. This madrassah was built in 1807 by the khalifa Niyazkul. It had been famous for its library in the past.

17:16 26 February 2020
What place did Uzbekistan occupy at the worldʼs most powerful passports ranking?

As the magazine “CeoWorld” announces “Best Passport” rating for 2020, in the ranking of 199 countries, Japan is on top of the list, with a citizen whose visa can be visited in most countries of the world. Itʼs noted that...

17:08 26 February 2020
Eating wild animals is prohibited in China because of coronavirus

The Chinese government has banned wildlife hunting, eating and trading meat Due to the coronavirus epidemic. Failure to do so will result in “strict punishment”, reports website of the Chinese Peopleʼs Assembly.

17:07 26 February 2020
Again clarified poison from carbon monoxide

As the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports, under the result of carbon monoxide poisoning, two young citizens, (20 and 16 aged) died in Syrdarya.

17:03 26 February 2020
The most favourite fragrance has been clarified

The most favorite fragrance has been clarified

16:46 24 February 2020
The first branch of the Pisa university outside of Italy will be opened in Uzbekistan

The first branch of the Pisa university outside of Italy will be opened in Uzbekistan

16:16 24 February 2020

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