“Apple” has announced opening about hundreds of stores around the world

Vice-president of “Apple” company Deidra O’Brien said that about 100 stores at present, which were temporarily closed due to the pandemic, have restarted work around the world.

19:35 18 May 2020
The World Bank has assigned $ 200 million to Uzbekistan

The World Bank board of directors has approved to assign $ 200 million for Uzbekistan.

04:08 01 May 2020
Repairs which started with disobedience in front of the “Khoja Kalon” pool have been suspended

Lately, representatives of the Bukhara city administration, the regional board of the Department of cultural heritage protection and other responsible organizations have conducted a followed-up on the state of repair work in the “Khoja Kalon” pool in the historical part...

18:55 29 April 2020
A museum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory has been established in Khorezm

Our people made a great contribution to the victory over fascism in World War II.Uzbeks, who showed heroism on the front and worked day and night behind the front, also adopted thousands of orphans from the former Soviet Union and...

18:52 29 April 2020
A plant for the production of ecological pure diesel fuel, jet fuel and liquefied gas is being built in Kashkadarya

According to the Department of investment projects of “Uzbekneftgaz” JSC, the investment project “Production of liquefied synthetic fuel based on purified methane of the Shurtan gas chemical complex” is being fulfilled.  This was reported by the press service of JSC.

18:50 29 April 2020
The first wind power station in Uzbekistan will be built in Karuzak

The first wind power station in Uzbekistan will be established in Karuzak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.Investors who want to participate in this construction project can submit their orders until May 13 this year.

22:09 18 April 2020
Student scholarships are delayed. What are the reasons for this?

There are cases of delays in student scholarship payments.Therefore some kinds of questions are carried out. These questions were answered by the head of the Information service of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education Farhod Babashev.

22:00 18 April 2020
The museum of World War II has been established in the Karakalpak department of defense

World War II signed a sorrowful and indelible mark on heart of all mankind.In that terrible war, that dried up the pillows of millions of people, our compatriots also fought valiantly for peace and a bright future, bravely died on...

21:53 18 April 2020
The Cotton Campaign has responded to the Uzbek labor minister’s appeal on lifting the boycott of cotton

As you know, the minister of Employment and labor relations of Uzbekistan Nozim Husanov openly appealed to the Cotton Campaign coalition to lift the boycott of Uzbek cotton. The organization responded to the minister’s appeal.

21:51 18 April 2020
A new enterprise was launched in Kashkadarya although quarantine period

A mini-plant for the production of children’s porridge under the brand “Mapusha” was launched by the rrivate enterprise “Darmon-farm” in Kashkadarya region.

21:50 18 April 2020
Azerbaijan assigned humanitarian aid to Uzbekistan

During such difficult period for the world Azerbaijan has pointed that it is on a par with Uzbekistan in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In the Baku official council of Turkic speaking states friendly relations with Uzbekistan is being...

21:49 18 April 2020
Young couples were diagnosed with coronavirus

Earlier itʼs reported about the governor of Namangan region Khairulla Bozorovʼs phone appeal. The governor said that more part of patients in region consists of doctors, and called people for vigilance.

16:42 16 April 2020
Is there enough opportunity to produce vaccine against the coronavirus in Uzbekistan?

– Day by day different information about the vaccine is spreading on social media, – he said. – But it is significant to understand that even if a vaccine is produced, it will not take 1-2 years to fully vaccinate...

16:39 16 April 2020
Passengers who were brought by a charter flight from Jakarta quarantined at “Joyizar” sanitarium

On March 23, Uzbekistan Airways launched a charter flight Jakarta-Bukhara, reports the press service of the Bukhara governor. By this plane 54 passengers were carried, and 28 of them are men, 26 are women. All passengers are quarantined for two...

15:27 25 March 2020
The number of patients infected with coronavirus in Uzbekistan has increased to 55

As the report of the Ministry of health, at present the number of patients that infected with COVID-19 virus in Uzbekistan reached to 55 people.

15:21 25 March 2020
The official exchange rate of the dollar increased again

Central bank set a new value of currencies against the sum from March 25.

15:13 25 March 2020
Five more people were diagnosed with coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan. They became 23 patients

As you’re informed previously, a citizen of Uzbekistan who came back from France had coronavirus infection. According to the latest data, another 3 relatives have the infection. Coronavirus infection was also revealed on March 15 this year, one of the...

16:45 19 March 2020
Underground line “Yunusobod” was temporarily closed

As the report of “Tashkent metropolitan”, it’s noted that the “Yunusobod” underground line was temporarily closed today.

16:42 19 March 2020
Ministry of health: Presently coronavirus patients are in satisfactory condition

Necessary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan. In particular, all measures are being taken to prevent epidemic requiring and the spread of the disease.

15:29 18 March 2020
Coronavirus in Uzbekistan: What kind of preventive measures will be done against to spread of virus?

As the Agency of sanitary and epidemiologic tranquility in Uzbekistan reports, the first case of coronavirus is identified in Tashkent. The patient has been in France and after returning it’s clarified that she was deceased with coronavirus. On March 15...

15:28 18 March 2020

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