Products which accelerate the aging process have been notified

22:26 29 May 2020 Lifestyle
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As a report of “La Vanguardia” edition, researchers at the University of Navarra in Spain have reported about products that cause aging.

Based on data from a study of 886 people aged 57 to 91, researchers found that excessive consumption of ultra-processed foods (more than three portion a day) reduced cell telomeres.  These telomeres, located at the top of chromosomes, usually decrease as advance in years, but the effects of over-processed foods almost double the process.

According to the report, it includes that aerated and non-alcoholic drinks, processed meats (sausages, burgers), industrial pastry-cooks, milkshakes and cakes or ready-made pizzas are ultra-processed foods that contain flavorings and colorings, emulsifiers, preservatives and other additives. 



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