Uzbekistan Airways has reset permanent flights to Dubai, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Almaty and Bishkek

Uzbekistan Airways has reset its regular international flights. This was reported by the press service of the company.

19:25 04 September 2020
Transport traffic is being set on the route “Bukhara city - Seven preceptor pilgrimage places”

Since the 22nd August of this year, from 09:00 a.m. on the main station “Sharq”, which is located on the alongside of Gazli highway in Bukhara, in accordance with all sanitary and hygienic standards established by the quarantine requirements, traffic...

23:35 21 August 2020
A new order has been appointed for entering to Uzbekistan from foreign countries

Following procedure to obey was confirmed for entering to the Republic of Uzbekistan from foreign countries:

17:05 18 August 2020
A school graduator from Bogot district achieved chance to study in 7 prestigious universities of the world

A graduator of the specialized boarding school № 92 in Bogot district of Khorezm region Benazirbonu Urinbayeva achieved the opportunity to study at 7 foreign prestigious universities.

18:35 17 August 2020
An Uzbek pupil became a student of 20 foreign universities on the first attempt

A graduator of the secondary school №15 in Bukhara region, Fazliddin Ismatov became a student of several foreign universities on his first attempt.

23:48 12 August 2020
Uzbek scientist woman was awarded with Kirgiz medal “Turan Birimdigi”

Head of the humanitarian sciences department of the Tashkent state institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers (TSIIAME), Doctor of historical sciences, professor Shohistakhon Uljayeva was awarded with the medal “Turan Birimdigi” by the Kyrgyz branch of the Union of...

17:30 11 August 2020
It is informed how much the population grows of Uzbekistan has increased during 6 months

As of July 1, 2020, the population of Uzbekistan is 34 million.  191.7 thousand people, an increase of 286.5 thousand people since the beginning of the year.

10:05 29 July 2020
“It may increases the risk of death” – hydroxychloroquine has been removed from the treatment protocol in Uzbekistan

​​​​​​​On the TV show “Tez yordam”, Klara Yodgorova, a representative of the National Chamber of Innovative Health, spoke about the harm of the drug hydroxychloroquine: “At the beginning of the pandemic period there was no exact drug to treat coronavirus....

10:05 24 July 2020
New textbook for foreigners to learn our native language – “O’zbekona”

Today developing prestige of the state language and efforts to raise it on the world stage requires, teaching Uzbek language not just as a mother tongue, but also as a foreign language, is one of the most important issues.

17:55 13 July 2020
Uzbekistan has assigned 1.7 trillion sums to fight against spreading of coronavirus infection

​​​​​​​The nationwide movement “Yuksalish” has shown the funds assigned for the fight against spreading of coronavirus infection as a form of infographics.  According to this, 1.7 trillion sums have been assigned for these measures.  What in view will be the...

17:30 11 July 2020

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