Uzbekistan tightens lockdown restrictions on operation of public catering from July 20

According to the decision of the special committee of the Republic, from June 28, 2021, entertainment places - hotels, nightclubs, karaoke, billiards halls and Internet cafes, as well as public catering facilities - restaurants, cafes, canteens and teahouses are allowed...

00:29 18 July 2021
Uzbekistan received 90 thousand doses of Sputnik V vaccine

Today, Uzbekistan received 70000 doses of component 1 and 20000 doses of component 2 Sputnik V vaccines from Russia.

09:40 15 July 2021
51 schools in Uzbekistan will teach in Kyrgyz

At the briefing, the head of the Kyrgyz National Cultural Center of Uzbekistan Rahmatulla Jabborov introduced the basic situation of the cultural center.

15:53 14 July 2021
Ministry of Health: Uzbekistan received another 1 million doses of ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine

On June 29, Uzbekistan has received the sixth batch 1 million doses of ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine. So far, the total delivery of ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine is:

14:18 29 June 2021
Botir Kurbanov:Pfizer, Moderna or another WHO-approved vaccines are expected to arrive in Uzbekistan

Many citizens who want to study abroad ask the following question: Why is Uzbekistan not vaccinated with WHO-approved vaccines?

11:05 28 June 2021
Kokand has been declared as the tourism capital of the Turkish Council

The 6th meeting of Tourism Ministers of Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking Countries and the 15th meeting of the Working Group on Tourism are currently held in Kokand.

12:13 24 June 2021
Uzbekistan temporarily closes border with Afghanistan

According to the Ministry of Health, Uzbekistan’s Anti-Coronavirus Commission has temporarily suspended the movement of citizens across the Uzbek-Afghan border, amid the aggravating epidemic situation in Afghanistan.

08:36 22 June 2021
Artel excavates artisan wells for residents of Urtakishlak suffering from drinking water problems

According to the United Nations, there is a shortage of clean drinking water in areas where about 40% of the world's population live. Unfortunately, this problem has not bypassed Uzbekistan. Our country also has the problem of clean drinking water,...

13:50 18 June 2021
Uzbekistan restricted information list to be revised

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a decree "On additional measures to ensure transparency of government agencies and organizations, as well as the effective implementation of public control".

00:22 17 June 2021
Turkish Airlines: First flight from Istanbul to Urgench

Today, June 11, at 07:50, Turkish Airlines' Airbus A-320 landed at the Urgench International Airport.

16:46 11 June 2021

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