Tax gap – coefficient in VAT refunds, to be abolished from October 1

Ҳозирги тадбиркорларни хавф гуруҳига киритиш тизими ёпиқ бўлиб, интизомли солиқ тўловчилар ҳам қайсидир ҳамкори қачонлардир хато қилган бўлса, унинг учун ҳам жавоб бермоқда.

14:34 18 August 2023
A sharp rise in dollar exchange rate, 400 sums at a time. The Central Bank commented on the situation 

Today at around 10.30 a.m. (Tashkent time) insiders of the currency market presented forecasts that the official dollar exchange rate will rise around 400-410 sums.

11:35 10 August 2023
Integration of ATMs for Uzcard and Humo cards fully completed

The integration of ATMs of Uzcard and Humo cards was successfully completed in Uzbekistan.

18:03 31 July 2023
Half of VAT to be refunded to new home owners from 2024

Шавкат Мирзиёев ўзининг сайловолди дастурида солиқ тизимини соддалаштириш ва барча тадбиркорлар учун тенг имкониятлар яратишга алоҳида эътибор қаратилишини маълум қилди.

13:52 30 May 2023
Xi'an hosted an Uzbek-Chinese business forum

Xi'an hosted an Uzbek-Chinese business forum

12:23 17 May 2023
Attention of the heads of interested companies and firms!

Supply and Installation of Information Systems (Hardware and Software) for the Technological Infrastructure Upgrade in Data Center under the Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Related Services

13:43 17 April 2023
Tender for delivery and installation of information systems

Announcement of tenders for the supply and installation of information systems (hardware and software) to upgrade the technological infrastructure of the Data Processing Centre of the Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and related services

13:20 06 March 2023
Bo Andersson named GM of UzAuto Motors

"Uzavtosanoat" Co., Ltd. Named Bo Andersson as the general manager of " UzAuto Motors " Co., Ltd. and " UzAuto Motors Powertrain" Co., Ltd.

14:38 23 August 2021
How many fruits and vegetables did Uzbekistan export in six months?

According to the data of the National Statistical Comission, from January to June 2021, Uzbekistan exported 716.7 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables worth 402.7 million USD.

00:56 30 July 2021
China again Uzbekistan’s biggest trade partner

According to the State Statistics Committee, in January-June 2021, the partner countries with the biggest share in Uzbekistan's exports were:

14:29 29 July 2021

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