One million soums subsidy to be provided for each hectare of cotton field

17:17 14 February 2024 Economy
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The Presidential Decree "On additional measures to combat the degradation of agricultural land, support the increase of humus content in the soil and its fertility" was adopted.

According to the Decree, in 2024-2025 as an experiment, a subsidy of one million soums per hectare is provided to land users (including clusters) for agrotechnical measures to increase soil fertility and productivity, including soil humus in cotton fields.

In this case:

- The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for allocating subsidies through the Agro-Subsidies Information System; 

- 70 percent of the initially estimated subsidy for the measures to increase soil fertility and productivity in cotton fields will be provided in 2024;

-  The remaining 30 percent of the subsidy will be allocated in 2025 based on the conclusion of the Cotton Council. There should be a 10 percent increase on average in yield compared to the previous season; 

Also, the state unitary enterprise "Analytical Center of Soil Quality, Composition and Repository" will be transferred to the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemical Research.



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