Uzbekistan tax system and taxpayers’ activities to be overhauled fundamentally

09:15 17 January 2024 Economy
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At the meeting, chaired by Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a fundamental revision of the tax system and taxpayers' activities in Uzbekistan was emphasized. 

In particular, work with 40 thousand budget-financed organizations will be transferred from the regions to the newly established Inspectorate of Budgetary Organizations under the Tax Committee. This Inspectorate will be fully digitized and integrated into the Treasury's electronic system.

In addition, an Inspectorate for collecting tax debt will be set up and empowered with enforcement powers on par with the Enforcement Bureau. This will enable an additional 200 tax collectors from the district tax departments to join the Mahalla (neighborhood) working system.  

A specialized unit will be formed to manage tax matters of the country’s 80 largest enterprises and 35 commercial banks, which account for 50 percent of Uzbekistan’s tax revenue. 

This unit at the Inspectorate for Large Taxpayers will work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance.



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