Farmers to be provided with 10,000 units of agricultural machinery for a ten-year leasing period with an additional three-year grace period

18:08 12 February 2024 Economy
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At the meeting chaired by the President, several important issues were raised on the priority tasks and plans in the agricultural sector. The Press Secretary of President Sherzod Asadov reported this.

It was noted that with the wide introduction of industry and cooperation in the land and homestead lent to the population it is possible to grow additional products worth 1 billion USD.

For this purpose, preferential loans amounting to 1 trillion soums will be provided to entrepreneurs and farmers working on a cooperative basis. These include loans up to 100 million soums without collateral and loans up to 150 million soums with a 50% reduced collateral.

In addition, 10,000 units of agricultural machinery will be leased to farmers for 10 years with a three-year grace period. Customs benefits for mini-tractors and motor cultivators imported and leased from abroad will be extended for 3 years.



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