Getting bachelor's degree in teaching will be fully funded by state from next academic year. 

14:34 06 July 2023 Jamiyat
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At a meeting with the voters from Syrdarya, the candidate for the presidency Shavkat Mirziyoev spoke about plans to support teachers.

"We will develop a special approach for higher education institutions in the field of pedagogy.

From the next academic year:
- the training of undergraduate teaching staff will be completely transferred to a state funding;
- concerning masters' program, the quotas will be doubled and will be entirely funded by the state budget;
- schools with personnel shortage and poor academic performance will be selected in advance, a targeted state order will be introduced for them. An attractive incentives system will be established to work at these schools for young people who have completed their studies by state order.

Eventually by 2030 all kindergarten and school teachers will have bachelor's degree" – said the candidate. 

"From next year, candidates will take exams from 3 core subjects and 2 additional subjects, and depending on the results they will have the opportunity to choose a university, a field of study and a form of teaching.

As you know, we gave the privilege of not taking the foreign language exam to applicants with an international certificate in foreign languages. Now, this privilege will be applied to young people who have an internationally recognized certificate in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology," said Mirziyoev.




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