The first wind power station in Uzbekistan will be built in Karuzak

The first wind power station in Uzbekistan will be established in Karuzak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.Investors who want to participate in this construction project can submit their orders until May 13 this year.

22:09 18 April 2020
The Cotton Campaign has responded to the Uzbek labor minister’s appeal on lifting the boycott of cotton

As you know, the minister of Employment and labor relations of Uzbekistan Nozim Husanov openly appealed to the Cotton Campaign coalition to lift the boycott of Uzbek cotton. The organization responded to the minister’s appeal.

21:51 18 April 2020
A new enterprise was launched in Kashkadarya although quarantine period

A mini-plant for the production of children’s porridge under the brand “Mapusha” was launched by the rrivate enterprise “Darmon-farm” in Kashkadarya region.

21:50 18 April 2020
The official exchange rate of the dollar increased again

Central bank set a new value of currencies against the sum from March 25.

15:13 25 March 2020
“Chorsu” hotel has been sold for 17 billion soums

The building is put up for auction at the beginning price of 1 soum. In the end, it's sold to $ 16.9 billion. It's informed by the E-Performance Auction.

11:16 19 February 2020
“Made in Uzbekistan” exhibition in Dushanbe continues

On March 8-11, an exhibition of products of industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan “Made in Uzbekistan” was organized in the trade exhibition complex of the capital of Tajikistan.

17:41 13 March 2018
Preferential rate on microcredits

In the Republic of Karakalpakstan, citizens are granted preferential microcredits up to one hundred times the minimum wage for a period of three years with a grace period from 3 to 6 months. 

13:15 11 March 2018
Uzbek Industrial and Construction Bank and leading banks of Tajikistan signed cooperation agreements

Uzbek Industrial and Construction Bank and Tajik Orienbank signed an agreement for a total amount of $20 million during the state visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Republic of Tajikistan on March 9,...

13:14 11 March 2018
Photo-report: ”Made in Uzbekistan” national industrial exhibition in Dushanbe

“Made in Uzbekistan” national industrial exhibition was held in Dushanbe.

15:10 10 March 2018
Meetings of the delegation of Turkey

Meetings with the delegation of the Great National Assembly of the Republic of Turkeyled by the chairman of the inter-parliamentary friendship group "Turkey – Uzbekistan" of the parliament of Turkey, Haidar Ali Yildiz were held at the Senate and the...

14:45 06 March 2018

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