A new enterprise was launched in Kashkadarya although quarantine period

21:50 18 April 2020 Economy
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A mini-plant for the production of children’s porridge under the brand “Mapusha” was launched by the rrivate enterprise “Darmon-farm” in Kashkadarya region.

According to the head of the enterprise Anzur Normuradov’s report, the necessary modern technological equipment was delivered to the plant a month ago.But Italian experts informed that they could not come because of quarantine.After that, local experts were given insights on the implementation of modern technologies via videoconferencing.

– Despite the quarantine conditions, we have been communicating online with Italian experts for several days to implement our new project. – said Anzur Normuradov. – As a result, the production of children’s porridge under the brand “Mapusha” began in Yakkabag district.Equipped with modern technologies from Italy and Ukraine, the company employs about 40 young people.These technologies have the capacity to process 5 tons of fruits and vegetables per hour.

The raw material for the mini-plant – fruits and vegetables are grown in the 557-hectare garden belonging to the enterprise.In order to contribute to the food supply of our people during these difficult days, a number of agricultural products such as beans, eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers are being planted in the garden.

Ahad Mukhammadiyev,

“Xalq so’zi”.



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