The Cotton Campaign has responded to the Uzbek labor minister’s appeal on lifting the boycott of cotton

21:51 18 April 2020 Economy
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As you know, the minister of Employment and labor relations of Uzbekistan Nozim Husanov openly appealed to the Cotton Campaign coalition to lift the boycott of Uzbek cotton. The organization responded to the minister’s appeal.

In particular, the coalition welcomed the appeal, welcomed it and acknowledged the good progress made in the implementation of the jointly developed “road map” and expressed its readiness to assist in achieving this goal.

– Issue is not to lift the boycott. The question is when and how to do it, – said Bennett Freeman, co-founder of the Cotton Campaign coalition.

As additional information, he has served as a deputy assistant of the state secretary of USA for democracy and human rights.

According to this, the Cotton Campaign has announced its readiness to develop a new agreement that will help new brands find responsible suppliers to ensure that civil society is given the necessary authority.



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