Saudi Arabia is preparing to open in part the Umrah visit

Agency on works of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is preparing a plan to open partly Masjid al-Haram.

19:25 04 July 2020
Eight pilgrimage places in Samarkand are opening anew

​​​​​​​Currently, at the entrances and exits in order to ensure the operation of ancient sites pyrometers, antiseptics and disinfectant “beds” are being installed in strict compliance according to the rules of quarantine.

22:51 12 June 2020
Secondary special Islamic educational institution named after “Imam Termizi” has been established in Surkhandarya

This madrasah was established in accordance with execution of the instructions given by the President of Uzbekistan during his visit to Surkhandarya region on October 17-18, 2019.

21:47 29 May 2020
Repairs which started with disobedience in front of the “Khoja Kalon” pool have been suspended

Lately, representatives of the Bukhara city administration, the regional board of the Department of cultural heritage protection and other responsible organizations have conducted a followed-up on the state of repair work in the “Khoja Kalon” pool in the historical part...

18:55 29 April 2020
A museum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory has been established in Khorezm

Our people made a great contribution to the victory over fascism in World War II.Uzbeks, who showed heroism on the front and worked day and night behind the front, also adopted thousands of orphans from the former Soviet Union and...

18:52 29 April 2020
The museum of World War II has been established in the Karakalpak department of defense

World War II signed a sorrowful and indelible mark on heart of all mankind.In that terrible war, that dried up the pillows of millions of people, our compatriots also fought valiantly for peace and a bright future, bravely died on...

21:53 18 April 2020
The only poet which is a statue was erected to his poem

Today is the birthday of one of the Uzbek people’s lovely poet Matnazar Abdulhakim.

17:50 20 February 2020
Respect to the great poet

Today begin literary events in honor of the 579th anniversary of the birth Alisher Navoi. Today in the courtyard of the Tashkent state university of uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi visitors laid flowers at the feet of...

20:36 09 February 2020
Monument to two great poets

A monument to two outstanding representatives of Uzbek and Tajik literature – Alisher Navoi and Abdurakhman Jami is erected in Samarkand central park named after Alisher Navoi. 

19:40 08 March 2018
Photo exhibition dedicated to International Women’s Day

A photo exhibition dedicated to International Women's Day has been opened at Tashkent House of Photography. 

13:40 07 March 2018

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