Artel excavates artisan wells for residents of Urtakishlak suffering from drinking water problems

13:50 18 June 2021 Jamiyat
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According to the United Nations, there is a shortage of clean drinking water in areas where about 40% of the world's population live. Unfortunately, this problem has not bypassed Uzbekistan. Our country also has the problem of clean drinking water, and there are also remote areas with difficult living conditions and it is not easy to solve the problem.

The "Artel" company has done a great job of providing clean drinking water to one of the areas affected by the water problem. The appeal by Urtakishlak residents of the Chorvador Rural Citizens Council of Zomin District of Djizzak Region to lead the company was not ignored. The villagers, who for many years have been carrying drinking water long distances and bringing water in long queues, have asked the company for help.

The main income of rural population is animal husbandry. Due to the shortage and poor quality of water resources, livestock diseases have also increased, which has caused great damage to people's living standards. For similar reasons, the community has been calling on various institutions and organizations to solve this problem for many years. The problem has also aroused the discussion of social media.

Artel's management researched the situation and dug an artesian well for the residents of Urtakishlaq. In other words, the total cost of extracting drinking water from a depth of 200 meters in a very short time is 300 million sums. This well fully meets people's demand for drinking water.

"In the past, our children used to carry water by donkey carts from afar. There were a lot of people who wants get water and the queue was very long. It was really too hard for everyone. Now there will be no such problems, because the water has come, and we are very grateful to the “Artel” company. They not only thought about us, our cattle, our crops, they also built a big pond. I also feed my ducks in the pond,” said Khalima Mamatkulova, a resident of Urtakishlak.

According to Artel officials, the company's management is very willing to bring convenience to the people.

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