Uzbekistan is about to import natural gas

10:10 21 January 2021 Economy
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Today, the briefing with the participation of Shakhnoza Ravshanova, press secretary of JSC"Uztransgaz", was held in news and mass media organizations.


"Uztransgaz" is an operator that provides natural gas for export and import from gas companies and supplies it to consumers directly connected to the main gas pipeline. In 2020, about 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas has supplied to consumers in the Republic. Due to the cold autumn and-winter season, the government ordered to reduce natural gas exports and direct it for domestic consumption.


In 2020, more than 194 kilometers of main pipeline construction, maintenance and transformation have been completed.


"O'rtasaroy", "Uchtom" and "Yangi hayot" natural gas transmission systems (STGs) have been constructed, and many STGs have been transformed according to modern requirements.

By 2020, the natural gas distribution facilities of the country have been fully integrated into the national geographic information system.


As the automatic online natural gas accounting and control system is introduced into the main natural gas pipelines, the natural gas extracted from natural gas exploitation organizations and delivered directly to consumers can be online accounted.


President Mirziyoev said that the monopoly of natural gas supply should be abolished and a market mechanism should be gradually established. In this case, producers and importers will have the right to sell gas through exchanges, while wholesale consumers will have the right to buy gas. Uztransgaz only transports natural gas. A regulatory framework is being developed for this process.


By the end of this year, a certain proportion of large customers will start to buy natural gas through the exchange, and this process will be carried out gradually. In order to growing domestic consumption demand, natural gas import will be started.



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