Uzbek scientist woman was awarded with Kirgiz medal “Turan Birimdigi”

17:30 11 August 2020 Jamiyat
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Head of the humanitarian sciences department of the Tashkent state institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers (TSIIAME), Doctor of historical sciences, professor Shohistakhon Uljayeva was awarded with the medal “Turan Birimdigi” by the Kyrgyz branch of the Union of writers and historians of Central Asia “Yangi Ovoz”. This was reported by the site “”

Uljayeva was awarded for her huge contribution and achievements in the study of scientific heritage in Amir Temur’s period, as well as, in strengthening friendship between the people of Central Asia and, particularly, in developing cooperation between Kyrgyz and Uzbek scientists.

This is stated in the leter of the deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Union of writers and historians of Central Asia “Yangi Ovoz”, General Director of the OBF “Amir Temur” in Kyrgyzstan Joldoshbek Monoldorov to the Uzbek scientist.

“You are making a valuable contribution to the development of culture and history of Uzbekistan, which is very important in such a difficult time!” – the address emphasizes.

Professor Uljayeva is one of the well-known historian-specialists in scientific investigation of heritage and archival materials during the Amir Temur’s empire.



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