The President: Relieving of quarantine measures is realized wrong as “the disease is over”

23:30 27 May 2020 Politcs
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Shavkat Mirziyoyev mentioned about the measures being done in our country against the coronavirus pandemic at the video conference.

– It’s being noted that the number of patients with coronavirus has increased in recent days, – said the head of state, – It should be said that the heads of many regions and enterprises, our citizens misunderstand that the easing of quarantine measures like “the disease is over.”

At present the number of our citizens brought from abroad includes 47 000.  Unfortunately, most of them, especially those who came in over the next two weeks were diagnosed with coronavirus.

About 50 percent of the patients consist of people who came from abroad. In the upcoming 10 days 3 500 people are expected to enter the country through airlines and about 7 000 through border checkpoints again.  In addition, more than 100 000 people are waiting in line to return to Uzbekistan.

Given the gravity of the situation in our returning countries and neighboring countries, our citizens cannot be complacent.

Today 40 districts (cities) remain as “red” and 45 as “yellow” region.  Most worryingly, the number of cases among the population has been increasing in the last 10 days.  In particular, 57 such cases were found out in Navoi, 73 in Samarkand, 114 in Tashkent and Tashkent region.

Especially in markets, shopping malls, banks, non-compliance with social distances, not wearing medical masks on the streets, being calm and careless, holding several events at home is increasing.

Such negative situations can cancel the effectiveness of all our efforts to diagnose, prevent and treat the disease, our trillions of budget expenditures.



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