The most favourite fragrance has been clarified

16:46 24 February 2020 Science and innovations
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Everybody has different favourite flavors. Someone like the scent of flowers, while others add to the aroma of coffee and the smell of freshly picked plants.

However, Australian scientists have found a scent that is acceptable to almost all people, this is reported by the site According to experts, many people like the smell of humid soil. This is because of the geosmin material found only in it.

Interestingly, this fragrance was also called "petrikor" 60 years ago. Scientists say that the love of the scent of the earth has been passed on from generation to generation. That is, it started with the appearance of the first humans on the planet. 

In addition, to geospatial soil, bacteria and actinomycetes are also influenced by the aroma of the earth. Droplets that come after the rain disperse the substances that are dispersed by the wind around the air, thus spreading the aroma that many enjoy.



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