Shavkat Mirziyoyev briefed with the project on reserves of mineral resources and increase in production volumes 

19:42 01 August 2023 Politcs
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On August 1, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev acquainted with a presentation on measures to increase mineral reserves and volume of production.

As the result of increased attention and introduction of modern technologies to geological field in our country, the scope of discovering underground resources has increased. The amount of foreign investment is increasing into mining and processing projects of underground resources. 

In particular, over the past six years, 15 new projects for kaolin processing worth 148 million dollars have been launched.  As a result, the production volume of finished products increased almost 2 times and exports reached 65 million dollars. Over the same period, coal production increased 1.4 times which is 5.4 million tons.

During the presentation, information about plans aimed at increasing the volume of coal, kaolin and uranium was provided. 

As mentioned, it is planned to extract 6.7 million tons of coal this year.

Thirty-three projects worth 620 million dollars in kaolin are being implemented.  By producing high value-added products from this raw material, exports are targeted to reach 81 million dollars this year and 180 million dollars by 2030.

Also, geological exploration to increase uranium reserves will be continued in cooperation with foreign companies.

The head of our state showed the officials the possibilities of increasing efficiency in this sphere. Using the existing raw material base, unique technologies and human resources potential, the task of increasing the volume of production was set.

An instruction was given to transfer 5 prospective coal fields in Surkhandarya to the private sector. As well as, to accelerate geological exploration works; to introduce technologies to improve the quality and sorting process of coal mined in Angren. 

It was pointed out that it is necessary to find new kaolin deposits and increase its reserves up to 200 million tons, as well as to increase the number of projects for raw material processing. 

Measures to attract foreign investors to develop hydrothermal and black shale uranium deposits are defined.



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