Uzbek-made buses start to running on the streets of Bishkek

08:36 13 June 2021 World
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The first batch of buses made in Uzbekistan have been delivered to the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

According to Baktibek Kudaybergenov, acting mayor of Bishkek, in an interview with Kyrgyz state news agency “Kabar”, 50 buses are expected to be delivered from Uzbekistan in the next few days.

Baktibek Kudaybergenov: "Currently, 21 ISUZU buses, which produced in Uzbekistan have been delivered. The remaining 29 buses will arrive within a week. These buses are brought by entrepreneurs of the capital. In particular, I would like to point out that the project was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of investment of Kyrgyzstan.



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