Uzbekistan restricted information list to be revised

00:22 17 June 2021 Jamiyat
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The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a decree "On additional measures to ensure transparency of government agencies and organizations, as well as the effective implementation of public control".

According to the decree, the State Security Service, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the Anti-Corruption Agency and other relevant ministries and agencies, will draft a bill in the new edition "On the Protection of state secrets”, which provides for the following within three months and ensures its inclusion in the established order:

list of restricted information, its use and the terms, procedure, basis for including and excluding such information;

prohibition of confidentiality of information not included in the list of restricted information;

restriction of access to state secrets of information that threatens the personal security of citizens;

conditions and procedures for the formalization of the authorization for use in work with information constituting a state secret for citizens, officials of state bodies and other organizations, foreign citizens and stateless persons;

development and improvement of modern mechanisms for the protection of state secrets, considering the development of information and communication technologies and advanced trends.



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