New requirements concerning services in the field of tourism will be introduced

22:39 29 May 2020 Welcome to uzbekistan
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In our country supplying international safety standards in the field of tourism and its objects, to improve the provision of high quality services have planned. For this purpose, a video conference which was held on at the State committee for tourism development with the International organization for standardization (ISO) to discuss new safety requirements for tourist services is aimed at the same goal. It’s reported by information agency “Dunya”.

Representatives of the Hotel association of Uzbekistan, the Aeronautics federation and the Gastronomic tourism association took part at the online conference

During the video meeting issue of introducing new standards in sanitary and hygienic safety was discussed. In particular, issues of cooperation in the implementation of technologies in accordance with the standards of the International organization for standardization “ISO 22000: 2018” (international food safety) were considered.

For information, the model of the international food safety system “ISO 22000: 2018” defines the principles of safety “NASSR”.  This consists of risk analysis, identification of problematic checkpoints and introduce of “NASSR” plans.



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