“It may increases the risk of death” – hydroxychloroquine has been removed from the treatment protocol in Uzbekistan

10:05 24 July 2020 Jamiyat
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On the TV show “Tez yordam”, Klara Yodgorova, a representative of the National Chamber of Innovative Health, spoke about the harm of the drug hydroxychloroquine: “At the beginning of the pandemic period there was no exact drug to treat coronavirus. Then treating with drugs such as chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin were begun.”

As a result of the researches, scientists found that these drugs were not only ineffective, but could increase the risk of death in patients.

In Uzbekistan, hydroxychloroquine was removed from the published manual, which was approved by the order of the Minister of health on July 13.

The show said that although hydroxychloroquine was removed from the final treatment regimen, it remains until it is included in the package of drugs expected to be distributed to patients treated at home.

 Klara Yodgorova:

         “All medical establishments in Uzbekistan – either state, or private hospitals must operate in accordance with the latest approved treatment guidelines.

I hope that the republican special commission will reconsider the package of free medicines based on the new manual and stop the distribution of this drug. ”



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