Is there enough opportunity to produce vaccine against the coronavirus in Uzbekistan?

16:39 16 April 2020 Jamiyat
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If there is a need for a vaccine against the virus, is there enough opportunity to produce it in Uzbekistan? Doctor of the chief state sanitary Bahrom Almatov answered to this question.

– Day by day different information about the vaccine is spreading on social media, – he said. – But it is significant to understand that even if a vaccine is produced, it will not take 1-2 years to fully vaccinate more than 8 billion people around the world.

It is not advisable to pay such deeply attention to the information about the vaccine. Even if itʼs created, production of it in Uzbekistan is a future matter.

The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly in Uzbekistan. If after the development of the vaccine there is a need to establish such specialized enterprises in Uzbekistan – this will be the next issue. In the meaning, I would like to ask our people to understand that vaccines are not the main factor in stabilizing the epidemiological situation, –said Almatov.



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