In Uzbekistan for the first time obtaining pure palladium was achieved.  It values 67 dollars per gram

14:15 09 July 2020 Economy
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With the initiative and scientific researches of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, for the first time it was possible to obtain high-purity 99.00% pure palladium powder in Uzbekistan.  This was reported by the information service of the AMMC.

According to given information, it takes 17 processes to separate the purified pure palladium powder.  Based on the investigation, a new technology for the separation of high-purity pure palladium powder from low-concentration electrolyte solutions was developed, and the metal division rate was increased to 80%.  In this sense, the scientific research work carried out since 2018 with the active and progressive initiative of the plant’s management is noteworthy.

Palladium production industry, which is costed at 67 dollars per gram on the world market, is improving year by year.  This rare metal is 7.3% more expensive than platinum, and is widely used mainly in medicine, especially, in dentistry, electronics, machinery and chemical industries. The Republic of South Africa and Russia, North America and Zimbabwe account for 40% of the palladium production industry.

– Demand for this infrequent metal in the world is very high, and they are not always enough in ores, – notes the head of the copper metallurgy department of the Central laboratory of new technologies of the plant Orifjon Usmonkulov.  – ... On behalf of the management of plant, since November 2018, scientific research has been conducted on the extraction of pure and ultra-pure palladium metal.  The goal was to develop a method for the separation of pure palladium powder from waste electrolyte solutions with low palladium content, even at 50 mg per liter.  The goal set by the plant’s management justified itself and was achieved.  Today, even 40 mg of palladium is precipitated until it remains in one liter of solution.  Previous technological guidelines have not achieved such results.

At present, Europe, Japan, China and North America are among the countries in the world that use palladium effectively in the industrial market.  These facts serve the development of many areas.

“Therefore, these efforts of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, which is widely used in the industry to extract pure palladium powder from recycled electrolytes, will have a positive impact on the economic production potential of our country and, certainly, we hope to join the developed countries,” noted in the report.





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