GTAI: Uzbekistan is the only country in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia that is achieving the financial grow

10:05 10 July 2020 Economy
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German internet edition “Industrielle Automation” published an article by Marie-Kristin Krueger, editor of the publication, entitled “Turning in energy policy during the coronavirus pandemic period”, reported “Dunya” information agency.

In the article it’s discussed that the energy policy pursued by the government of our country during the crisis in a pandemic condition.

As the German journalist informs to be based on organization GTAI (Germany Trade & Invest), Uzbekistan, a key player in the Central Asian region, has produced a package of measures to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the economy. During the quarantine period, entrepreneurs were provided with economic benefits and incentives, including the government’s support for foreign trade. “Although economy grew by 1.8 percent, not as supposed by 5.5 percent projected before the pandemic began, Uzbekistan is staying as the only country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to have grown economically in the condition of the crisis,” the German journalist was quoted as saying by GTAI.

“To emphasize on the widespread use of renewable energy sources, the issues of modernization and expansion of the energy sector play an important role in the economic policy of the government of Uzbekistan.  The new and long-term plans adopted by the government in early May this year provide for a rapid increase in electricity generation capacity, from 12.9 thousand megawatts today to 29.3 megawatts by 2030”, noted in the article.




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