Eight pilgrimage places in Samarkand are opening anew

22:51 12 June 2020 Culture
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Currently, at the entrances and exits in order to ensure the operation of ancient sites pyrometers, antiseptics and disinfectant “beds” are being installed in strict compliance according to the rules of quarantine.

After the completion of these works, the following pilgrimage places and sacred sites under the Samarkand regional branch of the Public charitable foundation “Vaqf” in Samarkand region will start operating on June 11.

According to this, Khoja Doniyor, Imam Moturidi, Khoja Abdu Darun, Hazrati Hizr, Murod Avliyya pilgrimage, Shahi Zinda memorial complex, Ruhobod mausoleum, Khoja Ishaqi Vali mosque-shrine, as well as, Khoja Ahror Vali, Khoja Ahror Berun in Samarkand district, Mahdumi Azam in the district, Sheikh Khudoydod Vali in Jambay district and Khoja Hafiz Merosi in Bulungur district are allowed to resume.

It’s planned that the Hazrati Davud pilgrimage site in Nurabad district will be opened in coordination with the regional Department of tourism development.

It should be mentioned that the Imam Bukhari complex in Payarik district and the Chor Chinar shrine in Urgut district are located in the “red” area, therefore they are not allowed to operate temporarily.



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