19 tons of pumpkins were exported to Russia from Kashkadarya

13:55 07 August 2020 Economy
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At present exporting productions is afloat in Kashkadarya oasis. Until today more than twenty types of products such as watermelons, melons, tomatoes, beets, and peaches have been exported, also the export of pumpkins were started recently.

In a short period, the first batch of 19 tons of pumpkins which grown by landowners in Karshi district was exported to the Russian Federation with the efforts of workers of the “Nasaf” foreign economic activity customs post.

 – We have planted imported pumpkin seeds onto 5 hectares,” – said one of the landowners, M. Ikramov.  – We are planning to harvest 300 tons.  The finished products are being sent to the table of our people and exported.  Our future goal is to increase the area under crops and the range of products.

Senior officials of the regional customs department are visiting the places where agricultural products are grown and explaining to farmers and landowners about the wide range of business opportunities in the country, as well as the convenience of customs clearance for export.

In time and effective using of these opportunities will ensure the stability of the economy of our country, at the same time, will ensure employment and demand for essential food products during the pandemic period.



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