Number of subjects taught at high school to be reduced from 16 to 11

17:42 28 August 2023 Jamiyat
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Students of 10-11th grades, who have willing to enter university, will be given chance to choose subjects "chemistry - biology", "mathematics - physics", "mathematics - foreign language", "native language and   literature - foreign language". Preferred subjects will be taught comprehensively. 
Students who preferred to acquire a profession, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to become a trained specialist at the school.

The Ministry of Pre-school and School Education were instructed to start this experiment in 135 schools (with appropriate condition and preparation) from September. At least 1,000 schools will be transferred to this system from the next academic year.

The content of lessons will also change. Computer literacy classes will be introduced from Grade 1 and financial literacy classes at high school.

Also, this year, 920 billion soums were allocated from the state budget for school textbooks, completely new textbooks were developed for primary school students.

The second part of the textbooks prepared for primary classes was ordered to be printed in full.



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