Young couples were diagnosed with coronavirus

16:42 16 April 2020 Jamiyat
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Earlier itʼs reported about the governor of Namangan region Khairulla Bozorovʼs phone appeal. The governor said that more part of patients in region consists of doctors, and called people for vigilance.

As itʼs reported, that many patients who infected vires might be among us, we do not know who are they and how many they are.

As governorʼs mention, majority people think that this virus is like simple flue and it can be treated at home. Therefore emergency medical care fees are infecting too.

– It should be noted significantly, that on March 19 one person went to the ceremony and infected virus 18 people, in particular, the new couples too. So people should infer truly from this event. – said Khairulla Bozorov.



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