Uzbekistanian young scientists will be sent to Tottori university of Japan for a research internship

17:35 22 September 2020 Jamiyat
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As the results of a targeted competition which was held by the ministry of innovative development based on the proposals of Tottori university of Japan, 10 young scientists were selected as winners.

For the purpose of supplying the equity and quality of the tender process, additional experts of the state committee for ecology and environmental protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Center for hydrometeorological service, the state committee for forestry and the Expert group of the Ministry of innovative development were involved. 32 candidates and their information (documents) submitted by ministries and agencies, as well as the defense of candidates’ research internships was analyzed overall.

In this case, the relevant ministries and departments were provided with detailed information on the terms and conditions of the targeted competition and the process of targeting. The reason of epidemiological situation with the coronavirus pandemic, presentations of the candidates were organized in an online video conference by the platform “Zoom”.

According to the results of the targeted selection process, following inferences were noted: 2 people in the field of plants, crop improvement and ecosystem restoration;  2 people in the field of pastures, pasture ecology and livestock management;  3 people in the field of applied meteorology, climatology and remote sensing; 3 people in the field of soil ecology and rational use of land resources, overall 10 candidates were approved as winners of the competition. Twenty-two candidates were rejected as the resolution of the Expert group.







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