Uzbekistan exported peaches worth by 36 million dollars

19:50 29 August 2020 Economy
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As the State statistics committee informed, as condition the 1st August of this year, 47.7 thousand tons of peaches worth by 36.3 million US dollars were exported to 9 foreign states. This figure is 22 000 tons more than as the same period of last year.

 Fergana region accounted for 34.9% of the total exported peaches, or 16.7 thousand tons.  In this regard, Namangan took the second place with exports of 8.2 thousand tons, Tashkent – 7.5 thousand tons and Khorezm region – 5.5 thousand tons.

 In fact, 22.1 thousand tons of peaches have been exported to the Russian Federation and 20.6 thousand tons to Kazakhstan.



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