Uzbek sportsman Hasanboy Rakhimov was disqualified from the Olympic games because of doping

18:45 20 February 2020 Sport
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As World Wrestling Union’s official website announced, free-style wrestler Hasanboy Rakhimov (-255 kg weight) was prohibited from participating in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo for breaking anti-doping rules.

According to the source, the International Testing Agency found that the athlete’s blood contains banned substances and the athlete was expelled from international competitions. In addition to Hasanboy Rakhimov from Uzbekistan, Badha Khutaba of Syria (at the weight of -125 kg weight) and French Zelimkhon Khodjiev (-74 kg weight).

For reference, last year in September in Nur-Sultan city, Kazakhstan, the first licenses for free-style wrestling were played, in which Hasanboy Rakhimov also won a bronze medal and a license.

Although bans from the Olympic games, disqualification will not apply to the national team of Uzbekistan. Another wrestler will be eligible to compete in the March Olympics. The athlete will be able to obtain a license. 



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