The only poet which is a statue was erected to his poem

17:50 20 February 2020 Culture
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Today is the birthday of one of the Uzbek people’s lovely poet Matnazar Abdulhakim. For the poet’s poem “Darsdan so’ng” (After the lesson) in Ellikqal’a there is erected a monument to “Muallimga mangu ehtirom” (Eternal tribute to a teacher) and he is the only poet to have a statue in his poem. We would like to present Matnazar Abdulhakm’s poems which were translated by A’zam Obidov.


The man with a cut hand
Feels a searing pain
of the mythic hand.
My beloved,
I missed you so much.
I am in torment.
Are you feeling sore
At this moment?

There is a house
A cold splendor reigns
All the time
And strict order makes it
The sublime.
The house
Is very neat.
People enter there
On the hearts
Wiping their feet.



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