The president criticized the failure to start construction of toll roads and fired executives who were slow in attracting and using investment.

17:07 11 July 2023 Politcs
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Four years ago, it was ordered to build “Tashkent-Samarkand”, “Tashkent-Andijan” toll roads and a toll tunnel at “Takhtakoracha” Pass. However, neither the project nor practical work on attracting investors has been started yet.

Today, despite the shortage of 2.5 thousand freight wagons on the railway and 3.5 thousand of the existing wagons are in need of repair, only 16 million dollars of direct investments have been used to increase the quantity of wagons and modernize the roads.

Also, compared to the previous year, the volume of foreign investments in "Uzavtosanoat" decreased by 47%, textile industry - by 43%, construction materials - by 31%.

Therefore, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Ministry B. Kamalov, Deputy Minister of Transport A. Mominov, Head of "Suvta'minot" S. Saifnazarov, Head of "Temir Yol" H. Khosilov and Head of "Avtoyol" A. Abduvaliev were dismissed from their posts for slow attraction and usage of investments.

The chairman of the "Uztoqimaliksanoati" association I.Haidarov, the chairman of JSC "Issiqlik elektr stansiyalari" B.Zhoraev, the chairman of "Uzsanoatqurilishbank" S.Annaklichev were reprimanded.



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