President reviews report on results and plans for the sports sector

09:26 23 January 2024 Politcs
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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev received an overview of the accomplishments in sports and the ongoing preparations for international competitions. 

Sports is gaining growing popularity in Uzbekistan, especially among the youth. The Olympiad of Five Initiatives, proposed by the Head of the state, promotes physical culture on a broader scale.  

Last year, 6.4 million young participants engaged in competitions within the framework of this Olympiad. 449 model sports fields were built in less-developed regions and remote areas to improve sports infrastructure. Besides, 12,000 talented young individuals were selected through five-stage public competitions and enrolled in sports schools. Sports schools nationwide, each specializing in specific sports, were equipped with the necessary inventory and equipment.  These all contribute to an increase in the number of athletes joining national teams. 

Necessary measures are being taken to prepare professional athletes for international competitions. Currently, Uzbek athletes are participating in the 4th Winter Youth Olympics in South Korea. 

This year Paris will host the most prestigious competitions of the quadrennium - the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. 17 and 34 athletes from Uzbekistan have already qualified for the upcoming event, respectively. All conditions have been created for athletes to secure additional tickets and undergo thorough preparation for the competition.

Tashkent will host the Asian and Para-Asian Games for Youth in 2025 and preparations for the event are also in full swing including the construction of the Olympic town, which is well underway.

The construction and reconstruction of 42 sports facilities are planned as part of social programs for this year. It is planned to increase the number of participants up to 7 million by expanding the scope of the Olympiad of Five Initiatives and, set to open over a thousand additional groups in sports schools.

The Head of state instructed to develop sports education and use advanced approaches to prepare athletes for international championships.



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