New textbook for foreigners to learn our native language – “O’zbekona”

17:55 13 July 2020 Jamiyat
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Today developing prestige of the state language and efforts to raise it on the world stage requires, teaching Uzbek language not just as a mother tongue, but also as a foreign language, is one of the most important issues. The new textbook “O’zbekona” is also aimed at bringing the teaching of Uzbek as a foreign language to a new level.

“O’zbekona” is a textbook that allows you to get an A1 level, based on the competences of pan-European system in foreign languages, and consists of 9 sections, 3 control blocks, audios and additional materials.

This new textbook was created by Gulrukhsor Ergasheva, a doctoral student of Tashkent state university of Uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi, and MO’TUL students’ team of the faculty of Uzbek language, scientific guidance of associate professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences Saodat Adilova.

Unlike other manual and electronic resources, the topics are covered in a systematic and coherent manner; integrative and communicative methods are combined, and no intermediary language is used in the book. All this allows the learner to enter the language environment faster. At the same time, the variability of the exercises is ensured, the methodological principle “simple to complex” is followed. Every page and every exercise reflect our traditions.

The audio materials offered in the textbook are educational-authentic. Indeed, it is advisable to use such type of authentic materials for the A1 level.

This textbook provides a wide range of opportunities for self-study learners.  For example, each section consists of 5 parts in a logical sequence. The learner will also be able to understand a new topic and how to complete an exercise through pictures. At the end of the textbook, test materials, audios, conversation questions on each topic, and a dictionary are available for the language learners.

Design of the manual is also important – each page gives the learner a certain impression of Uzbek language and culture.

The book includes skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing in a foreign language.

We believe that this manual will be a great and confident step in teaching Uzbek as a foreign language.




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