More than thousand accommodations burned in Delhi

00:20 28 May 2020 World
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In Tuglakabad district, southeast of Delhi, on Tuesday night more than a thousand home burned, according to preliminary reports, there are no casualties, “Zee News” reported.

 “We got informed about fire around 00.15. Then 28 fire brigades were sent to the incident place.  Early morning, at 4 o’clock the fire was under control.  There were no reports of injuries or severe damage,” said a spokesman for the fire department Atul Garg.

The fire destroyed almost half of the hovels in the area.  As the representative of police Rajender Prasad Mina noted, after receiving the call police of the southeastern district of Delhi immediately sent an ambulance and local police to the incident place.  The fire was completely extinguished at 8 a.m.

The reasons of the accident are being investigated.



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