It became obvious how many tons of perfume have been imported to Uzbekistan in 7 months

19:30 27 August 2020 Economy
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From France to Uzbekistan 30.000 grams of perfume have been imported during seven months of this year.

As the information of the State statistics committee, in accordance condition of the 1st August of this year, 52.5 tons of perfumes worth by 377 thousand US dollars were imported. This quantity is 15.8 tons less than in the same period of last year.

Uzbekistan imported perfume from 12 countries this year.  The largest share of imported perfume with 42.1 tons of portion conform to Turkey.  In process perfume importing, the Czech Republic is next with 4.2 tons, China – 2.5 tons and the Russian Federation – 1.8 tons.

In addition, Uzbekistan had produced 13.6 tons of perfume worth by 971.5 million sums in 2019.



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