Coronavirus in Uzbekistan: What kind of preventive measures will be done against to spread of virus?

15:49 16 March 2020 Jamiyat
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As the Agency of sanitary and epidemiologic tranquility in Uzbekistan reports, the first case of coronavirus is identified in Tashkent. The patient has been in France and after returning it’s clarified that she was deceased with coronavirus. On March 15 at 06:00 in the laboratory of the Republican institute of virology a coronavirus infection of COVID-19 was detected in 1 person from Uzbekistan.

— Currently, epidemiological requiring and preventive measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the disease, — the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Agency added.

On this occasion, several measures were organized such as:

— Uzbekistan Airways canceled flights to several countries due to coronavirus in March-April;

  • lessons at all study establishments will be stopped for two weeks, so universities and schools will be occupied to quarantine;
  • all prices of foodstuffs will be under public scrutiny;
  • criminal liability will use for violating the anti-epidemic rules and other events.

In the meaning, as official reports, Uzbekistan stopped exporting medical masks and producing of protective sheets has increased tenfold in Uzbekistan, and for the first time the production of protective clothes have begun.

According to the latest data, 6 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported.



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