Oxygen concentrators are produced in Fergana

During the coronavirus pandemic period demand for oxygen concentrators increased.

19:31 17 September 2020
Uzbekistan exported more than 79.3 thousand tons of melons

According to state of September 1, more than 79.3 thousand tons of melon and water melons which worth by 24.4 million US dollars were exported to abroad. This year, Uzbekistan has sold melons to 18 countries.

20:15 16 September 2020
Nike and Adidas sneakers will be produced in Uzbekistan

It was informed by the head of the “Uzcharmsanoat” association Fakhriddin Boboev in magazine “Экономическое обозрение”.

19:10 15 September 2020
New joint venture in a cooperation with the Canadian company has been launched in Navoi region

First stage of the joint venture “Navoi Composite” LLC was launched in Navoi region recently.

14:35 07 September 2020
One more enterprise which products car headlights has opened in Namangan

A foreign company Kadeer Parts Industry which products car lamps and headlights made of polymeric materials, began its process at the center of region.

17:55 30 August 2020
Uzbekistan exported peaches worth by 36 million dollars

As the State statistics committee informed, as condition the 1st August of this year, 47.7 thousand tons of peaches worth by 36.3 million US dollars were exported to 9 foreign states.  This figure is 22 000 tons more than as...

19:50 29 August 2020
It became obvious how many tons of perfume have been imported to Uzbekistan in 7 months

From France to Uzbekistan 30.000 grams of perfume have been imported during seven months of this year.

19:30 27 August 2020
3 billion US dollars amounted money transfers were carried out to Uzbekistan during 7 month

The volume of international money transfers to the country 3 billion USD amounted, that decreased by 217 mln. dollar or 7 percent less than in the same period of last year.  This was reported by the Central Bank.

22:50 22 August 2020
Uzbekistan exported almost 200 tons of apples to Novosibirsk

Since the beginning of August, 198.9 tons of apples have been delivered from Uzbekistan to the Novosibirsk region of Russia. This was reported by “Dunyo” Information agency based on the local online edition site.

17:50 20 August 2020
The Dutch businessman expressed interest in exporting Uzbek lemons to Europe

Products which are grown in Uzbekistan are becoming increasingly popular in the European market more and more. Fruit and vegetable products are, particularly, becoming worth notice to consumers with their delicious taste and naturalness.

18:55 19 August 2020

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