Academy of arts of Uzbekistan: “Talented specialists who havenʼt a higher education will be able to teach at institutes”

16:23 29 February 2020 Jamiyat
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At the Information and mass communication agency a press conference with the officials of the Academy of arts was held on theme “Issues in art education and future tasks”.

It was attended to improve the quality of art education at the event, according to this, itʼs repoerted that entering to the National institute of arts and design named after Kamoliddin Behzod is being on neither testing, but only by creative exams.

— Once more important step in the field of art education is folk artists who have no higher education in fine and applied arts, but are well-known for their unique talents and skills, academics of the academics of arts, creators who were awarded with “Peopleʼs master of Uzbekistan” or other rewards. — said Chief secretary of the academy Feruza Obidjonova. — We should mention, that specialists who have won awards and honorary titles have the exclusive right to teach in universities.

Officials reported that at present there are 16 educational institutions in the system of the Academy of arts — 1 institute, 4 specialized schools of arts and 11 specialized boarding schools.

In addition, it was particularly noted that the Presidential Decree which dedicated to improve this field has been important base in the development of partnerships to share best practices with the leading art academies of the world.



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