A museum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory has been established in Khorezm

18:52 29 April 2020 Culture
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Our people made a great contribution to the victory over fascism in World War II.Uzbeks, who showed heroism on the front and worked day and night behind the front, also adopted thousands of orphans from the former Soviet Union and brought them up as their own children.It has gone down in history as a great example of tolerance.

It is this courage, bravery and humanity that will serve as an example for future generations.It is a duty and responsibility to pass it on to the youth.Therefore, a museum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great patriotic war was established in the Khorezm regional department of defense, which was overhauled and put into operation this year.

– With the launch of this initiative, at first, we were concerned about the question of how to fill the museum, – says the head of the Department of defense, lieutenant colonel Kamoliddin Sharipov. – After the news about establishment of a museum among population by the city and district departments of defense, people began to bring the exhibits themselves, asking to put the courage of their ancestors in history.Accordingly, our place is enriched with new exhibits day by day. At present there are about 200 exhibits and historical documents.In addition, more than 100 exhibits from our region were presented for the fund of the Museum of glory in the Victory park, which is being built in Tashkent at the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Museum fund includes military uniforms, weapons, various equipment, literature, orders and medals of Khorezm heroes, documents and other exhibits of the Second World War. There are some very interesting facts about the contribution of Khorezm people during the warfare years.For example, one source states that “from the first days of the war, Khorezm regional military commissariat received 1.156 applications for voluntary service, 47 of which were women.”Another source shows, in 1941 alone, 1.213 women were involved in regional industrial enterprises.They worked valiantly for their brothers, fathers, and husbands who went to the front, fulfilling 2-3 norms per day.In 1941, the industrial enterprises of the region managed to fulfill the annual plan by 105%.

It should be mentioned that during the World War II, 67 000 young men and women from Khorezm took part in the front and the rear of front.About 7 000 of them were awarded orden and medals for their example of courage and heroism in battle.Three young men: Sotim Nurmetov, Pyotr Sizov and Gataulla Salikhov were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

This museum is used not only to reflect the contribution of Khorezm people during the war, but also to educate younger generation with the sense of patriotism.




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