Uzbekistan has assigned 1.7 trillion sums to fight against spreading of coronavirus infection

17:30 11 July 2020 Jamiyat
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The nationwide movement “Yuksalish” has shown the funds assigned for the fight against spreading of coronavirus infection as a form of infographics.  According to this, 1.7 trillion sums have been assigned for these measures.  What in view will be the funds used for?

157.6 billion sums – to purchase of medical equipment and supplies;

385.9 billion sums – to buy of testing systems, medicines and personal protective equipment;

257.6 billion sums – for additional financial incentives medical workers and 6% increase in their salaries;

599.1 billion sums – for construction of quarantine zones and special hospitals;

299.8 billion sums – for caring of quarantined persons.




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