The first branch of the Pisa university outside of Italy will be opened in Uzbekistan

16:16 24 February 2020 Jamiyat
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At the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Rome with the University of Pisa, one of Italy's leading academic centers recently held negotiations with the The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the "Erasmus+" office in Tashkent.

University of Pisa (Università di Pisa, UniPi) is an Italian state research university located in Pisa city. It was founded in 1343 under the order of Pope Clement VI. This educational institution is the 19th oldest university in the world. 

Galileo Galileo studied and worked at the University of Pisa. In addition, three Nobel Laureates in Literature and Physics (Josu Carducci, Enrico Fermi and Carlo Rubbia), two Italian presidents (Giovanni Gronki and Carlo Azelo Champi), two prime ministers (Juliano Amato and Enrico Letta) graduated from a number of ministers and cultural figures.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported, ambassador Otabek Akbarov met with Paolo Mancarella, Rector of the University of Pisa, Vice Chancellors Francesco Marcello and Marco Abate, as well as representatives from the Department of Geology, Energy, Engineering, Electrical and Robotics, and International Cooperation.

The Italian side listened with great interest to information about the wide-ranging reforms being undertaken in Uzbekistan, prioritizing science, education and the digital economy, establishing partnerships with a number of foreign educational institutions, including their branches and joint faculties in Uzbekistan. In Paolo Mancarella's view, this will be the first branch of the university outside of Italy and this model could become a model used in other countries.

At the initial stage, undergraduate programs in geology, geophysics, energy, chemistry, biotechnology, information and communication technologies, economics and business management will be developed. A delegation from Pisa University is expected to visit Uzbekistan in the near future to discuss the project.



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