Repairs which started with disobedience in front of the “Khoja Kalon” pool have been suspended

18:55 29 April 2020 Culture
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Lately, representatives of the Bukhara city administration, the regional board of the Department of cultural heritage protection and other responsible organizations have conducted a followed-up on the state of repair work in the “Khoja Kalon” pool in the historical part of Bukhara, which has caused a lot of discussion on various social networks and websites. This was reported by the press service of the Bukhara city minicipality.

As noted in the article, in fact, the mosque and minaret “Khoja Kalon” in Bukhara was built in 1573-1579 and is an object of incomparable cultural value.This historical part of Bukhara city, this object is included in the UNESCO World heritage list and is protected.

According to experts with many years of experience in the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage and residents of the area, the pool “Khoja Kalon” on Gavkushan Street in Bukhara was found during the reconstruction in 2001 and was restored in that year.

But due to the urgency and poor quality of the repair work at that time, the direction of water flow to the pool was not connected to the drainage and sewerage systems.

Annual observations show that large amounts of water collected during the spring and autumn rains seep into the foundations of ancient cultural heritage sites, including the Chor Minor madrasa, the Khoja Kalon mosque, and the minaret, causing them to collapse and sink. In such cases, urgent (operational) measures are required for each object to prevent or reduce the impact of water.

In this regard, taking into account the complaints of residents of “Hamid Olimjon” mahalla, due to the weather, precipitation and dynamic effects, the bricks of the pool “Khoja Kalon” are drowning, cracking and wear, as well as the accumulation of water in the streets leading to this facility.It is planned to reconstruct the area around the object, as well as the Shohrud canal.

According gathered information, at least twice a year, the Shohrud canal will be cleaned of mud and debris included. However, the Khoja Kalon mosque and minaret, which are objects of ancient cultural heritage, were not damaged during the repair work. In the meaning, the arbitrary repair work around the “Khoja Kalon” pool was stopped immediately.

While following-up, collected documents were submitted to the prosecutor’s office of Bukhara city for a legal estimate of the situation with the introduction of construction equipment for non-compliance with the requirements of the legislation and to take action against the perpetrators.

In order to prevent the erosion of cultural heritage sites in the region as a result of dynamic impacts, the project documents for the restoration and restoration work will be submitted to the Department of cultural heritage under the Ministry of culture based on the above information.



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