Price of methane gas to be strictly controlled not exceeding 3250 sums per cubic meter in the next 6 months

12:44 12 September 2023 Economy
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The draft of Cabinet Ministers Resolution "On Additional Measures to Introduce Market Mechanisms in the Fuel and Energy sector" was posted on the portal of public consultation of draft regulatory legal acts. 

The project envisages an increase in electricity and gas tariffs for large enterprises, state agencies and legal entities. Tariffs will not be increased for ordinary residents.

The draft includes measures not to raise price of methane gas sharply at gas filling compressor stations for vehicles due to the increase in gas tariffs for legal entities.

According to the draft, strict measures will be taken to ensure that the maximum retail price of methane gas does not exceed 3250 sums per cubic meter in the next six months.

Measures will be taken to cut off the supply of natural gas to gas filling compressor stations which do not provide data online about gas sales , allow unreasonable increase of price set in retail trade, connect illegally to gas resources, loot and perform illegal consumption of fuel and energy resources.



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